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Think it or not, I used yrs not being aware of that you choose to needed to clean out your dry vent. I might clean the lint off with the lint trap once i set clothes while in the dryer, but which was so far as I at any time acquired. I've to admit, it by no means transpired to me that you would should go any deeper in to the dryer to clean it. It aided that we moved each individual 2-3 several years for that reason, I assume my dryers never ever got clogged with lint. Not until finally we experienced lived while in the same dwelling using the exact same dryer for about six a long time once i started off getting issues.

I 1st recognized that my clothes have been slower and slower to dry. I might really have to operate exactly the same load 2 times in order to get it to dry. Then, I noticed the dryer was acquiring very hot to the touch. I even burned certainly one of my son’s sweatshirts in the dryer. Considering the fact that I actually did not want to get a whole new dryer, so I tried to search up what was causing this problem. I was astonished to find out the issue was pretty simple. The dry vent was clogged with a lot lint from above the years. This not only brings about clothes drying very slowly but Clogged Dryer Vent surely, nonetheless it may lead to a hearth. Considering the fact that I normally get started the dryer and leave the house this worried me. I figured I required a dryer vent cleaning appropriate absent.

Considering that I was not going to pay out an individual (it is around $150 where by I live) to come and clean it out, I picked up a do it oneself kit. It will make it much easier to complete by yourself. All you require it the package in addition to a vacuum. It is possible to head in excess of to Amazon to grab a dryer vent kit.

Additionally you can make use of the dryer vent package to clean your fridge coils way too! Verify out ways to clean your dryer vent just like a pro.


I commenced by cleaning from the lint trap. Then I vacuumed round the lint trap and vent to obtain out what I could. After you have vacuumed that space get the lint entice vent brush and insert the brush in to the lint lure vent as far as you are able to. It is pretty versatile and normally takes a bit of maneuvering to verify it goes in all of the way. At the time you can get it in, twist the tackle of the brush when slowly and gradually removing it to lure the lint. Should you have a lot lint on the brush I like to recommend repeating this stage the moment extra.

When you've taken out a number of the lint while using the brush you can utilize the vacuum hose attachment to actually get in there and clean. This is where the magic comes about! ?? I am usually shocked for the amount of money of lint the attachment removes. It really is really gradual going, you would like lots of persistence to utilize the attachment. The attachment it incredibly flat so it suits in the vent trap.

Sadly, should you have just as much lint as I typically do in my trap you need to repeat this step about 10-12 times. Meticulously feed the vacuum hose attachment into your entice. Attach in your vacuum and switch around the vacuum.

Most probably you are going to speedily listen to it clog and want to eliminate it. Clear away it and pull the clog out after which repeat. It's going to take a while, however , you is going to be astonished by exactly how much lint it gets rid of. Check out all the lint it taken out. Be sure you clean your dryer lint catcher much too! You can see step-by-step guidance listed here on how to clean the dryer lint entice. You'll essentially need to scrub it not simply take away the lint.

The moment you feel similar to the vent entice is clean you can transfer on to the dryer vent duct powering your dryer. Use the huge dryer vent duct brush to clean out the duct. Move it diligently spinning although you drive it in.

Pull it out and take away the lint within the brush. In the event you uncover substantially lint on it repeat the action yet again. I never come across too much lint inside the duct. I feel the majority of it had been stuck from the dryer.

The first time I cleaned my dryer vent this way I was shocked at the big difference it created in drying time.

My drying time of the majority of my apparel was slash in half. This not just will save me time but income much too. I do not must spend as much on fuel to dry my clothes.

By using the cleaning package the moment a calendar year I have a excellent volume of lint from it and do not provide the exact same dryer troubles that i did ahead of. I have had precisely the same package for any number of several years now and it continue to will work terrific.

As well as, it is so much less expensive than having to pay someone to clean my dryer vents. Following these guidelines on how to clean your dryer vent like a professional might help conserve you time and money!

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